Our Doctors


Clinical director, stomatologist-implantologist, surgeon  Email: Tigran.hakobyan@kamar.am

Professional experience and trainings

October 24-26, 2005, Yerevan, Armenia Piezoelectric surgery in oral implantology combined with implant setting in animal bone “Master Class” International Forum of Implantology and aesthetic dentistry

21 May 2007, Yerevan, Armenia Kerr company in the CIS countries
“The world of aesthetics and restorations”

13 October 2007, Yerevan “American Dental Academy”
“Modern Dental Technologies”

December, 2008 Yerevan, Armenia Participated in the MIS Courses of “Implants and Prosthodontics”

29.09.2008, Yerevan Implantology system through MED 3D project (concept 2-ingis) IMTEC a 3M company “IMTEC Implantology” Master Class

18 October 2009 Alfa-Gade Dental implant 16 October 2010 Yerevan, Armenia “Introuduction to the SKY Dental implant System of Bredent”

15.03.2010 “Dental Implantology, Surgical and Prosthodontic phases”

15 April 2011 (courses for surgeons-implantologists, orthopedists and dental technicians)

6 March 2011, Yerevan In recognition of their commitment to continuing educational development for better dentistry

02 April 2011 Yerevan From tooth conservation to implant prosthodontics and full mouth rehabilitation
Clinical implementation of technology “Implasa Hoehst GmbH”
Restoration and aesthetic restoration by materials of 3M ESPE Company.

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