Our Doctors


Therapist, orthopedic doctor, stomatologist. Was born in 1963, 28 February, t. Ararat

1970-1980 #1 secondary school of Ararat

1980-1983 worked as a laborer in various enterprises

1983-1988 entered and graduated from Yerevan State Medical University

In 1989 worked as a doctor-stomatologist at the hospital of Ararat

1989-2006 held a private Dental Cabinet

In 1989 traineeship in “Van” Dental Clinic as a orthopedic doctor-stomatologist

In 1999 traineeship in the National Health Institute as a therapist-stomatologist

In 2007 traineeship in the sphere of endodontics and periodontics

In 2013 traineeship on the topic “Current Issues in Dentistry”

2006-2008 “New Image” Dental Clinic

From 2008 till now works as a doctor-stomatologist in “Kamar” Dental Clinic

He is married and has three children