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RF rejuvenation Forma Inmode

RF lifting is a rejuvenating procedure performed using radio waves. They penetrate deep into the skin, restoring elasticity.

The procedure is performed using a new generation Forma Inmode device. Designed for safe and effective rejuvenation, including lifting and rejuvenation of the face and neck.

The device is completely safe from the point of view of radio waves and records the temperature suitable for skin lifting, due to which the skin's collagen fibers smooth out, become firmer and more elastic, eliminating wrinkles.

The procedure is necessary for those who want to:

• Get rid of double chin

• Eliminate cheek folds and ptosis

• Eliminate eye swelling

• Smoothing of deep wrinkles

• Narrow the facial contour

• Even out skin color and eliminate age spots


• Skin diseases

• Tumor diseases

• Pregnancy and lactation period

Before undergoing RF rejuvenation using the Forma InMode device, it is recommended to perform complete the following steps:

1. Consultation with a Specialist: Before proceeding with the procedure, it is important to consult with a licensed Doctor or Esthetician. They will assess the condition of your skin, listen to your wishes and tell you how effective and safe this procedure can be for you.

2. Skin preparation: On the day of the procedure, the skin should be clean. It is recommended to avoid using cosmetics, creams or lotions before the procedure. Your doctor may recommend special instructions for preparing your skin.

3. Removing Jewelry and Metal Objects: Before starting the procedure, make sure that there is no jewelry, metal objects or implants in the procedure area.

4. Sun Avoidance: It is recommended to avoid sunburn and prolonged exposure to sunlight for several weeks before and after the procedure.

5. Follow your doctor's instructions after the procedure: Your doctor will provide you with instructions for caring for your skin after the procedure. This may include recommendations for using creams, avoiding certain skin exposures, etc.

The procedure can be performed at any time of the year, it is intended for all skin types, there is no recovery period, 4-6 visits are planned to achieve the desired result.