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Orthodontics in stomatology

Healthy and beautiful teeth indicate that everything is in order with a person’s health. Orthodontics, one of the directions of dentistry, will help to restore the beauty and health of the teeth.

Currently, orthodontics has a wide selection of tools and methods to solve malocclusion problems.

In which cases should you contact an orthodontist?

A highly specialized specialist is competent to eliminate the following pathological conditions:

• violations of the sequence or symmetry of the position of the teeth,

• improper growth of teeth,

• difficulty breathing due to dental problems,

• mechanical injuries of the jaw,

• Problems with speech function and chewing muscles.

All these defects do not disappear on their own, so treatment should be started as soon as possible. Correcting orthodontic problems in childhood is much easier, than in adulthood.

Causes of malocclusion

Malocclusion can lead to various consequences, from chronic headaches to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. They cause speech defects, frequent respiratory diseases, and tooth decay, including caries.

The most common causes of malocclusion are:

• hereditary predisposition,

• delayed teething,

• injuries,

• bad habits - thumb sucking, lip or cheek biting, etc.

How to fix bite defects?

Correction of a dental bite proceeds according to the following scheme:

• • initial consultation examination;

• an X-ray examination is carried out,

• the model of the jaw was obtained using casts,

• 3D scanning gives accurate jaw dimensions,

• photography allows you to evaluate the change in the patient’s appearance before and after treatment,

• based on examinations carried out at the diagnostic stage, the doctor selects a treatment method and prepares the patient,

• at the next stage the device is placed in the oral cavity,

• the doctor monitors the progress of treatment and, if problems are identified, prevents them.

• at the final stage, the device is removed and the patient receives the desired result, satisfactory from both an aesthetic and medical point of view.

At the Kamar dental clinic, all this is done thanks to highly professional specialists and the latest equipment that ensures high quality service. It is no coincidence that every year hundreds of patients leave our center happy, with a wide and beautiful smile.