About the Service



Orthopedics is an important field in dentistry that deals with the restoration of teeth, jaw system and bite problems. The rapid development of dental science and technology has led to the fact that modern orthopedic methods make it possible to restore not only the aesthetic appearance of the smile, but also the functionality of the mouth.

If we lose at least one tooth, we can forget about a beautiful smile, and, as a result, the entire chewing process is disrupted.

In this case, one of the areas in dentistry – orthopedics – comes to the rescue.

Very often, an orthopedist-dentist is called a prosthodontist, while this is just one of his functions.

We present the wide range of activities performed by an orthopedist-dentist:

• Prevention of dental defects

• Artificial restoration of dental tissues

• Prevention, treatment and correction of teeth and jaw deformities

• Dental prosthetics

The dentist-orthopedic restores teeth in the following ways:

• Veneers are ceramic overlays of small thickness that serve primarily an aesthetic function. They are most often used to correct the appearance of the front teeth;

• Inlays - they are used in case of partial defects of the crown part of the teeth.

• Crowns – used to improve the shape and appearance of teeth and to correct dental and periodontal disease.

Our specialists restore the chewing and aesthetic function of teeth using modern materials and the latest technologies.

Remember that properly restored teeth improve your quality of life.