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Therapeutic dentistry

Therapy is one of the most popular and important branches of dentistry. Therapeutic dentistry aims to prevent and consistently treat dental problems.

Thanks to therapeutic dentistry:

• Teeth maintain their healthy and beautiful appearance for a long time

• Dental diseases are diagnosed in time

Therapeutic dentistry includes:

• Treatment of caries and the complex problems caused by it

• Treatment of non-caries lesions

• Dental treatment and fillings

• Restoration of tooth shape and color

• Treatment of gum diseases

In which case should you contact a dental therapist?

• You have a toothache (it can be of any intensity and localization)

• Tooth fracture

• Enamel crack

• The filling has fallen out

• Stains have appeared on the enamel

• Teeth or gums are sensitive to cold, hot, spicy and sour foods

• Teeth hurt when you brush

• Gums are inflamed

• Bleeding when eating or brushing your teeth

• Presence of bad breath

• Presence of dental plaque

• Presence of tartar on the surface of the teeth and under the gum

Advantages of therapeutic treatment in our clinic:

• Safety of procedures

• Treatment without pain and complications

• Efforts to preserve teeth

• Use of different treatment methods, due to which interventions are minimized

Kamar dental center specialists help to overcome even the most complex problems and give a healthy and beautiful smile.

By the way, all this is carried out thanks to the latest equipment and high-quality materials and medicines.

During diagnostics and treatment, digital technologies are used, which allow the doctor to have an accurate diagnosis, avoiding errors and guaranteeing quality and safety.