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Medical tourism

Medical tourism is the practice of visiting other regions or countries for the purpose of

receiving medical services.

This phenomenon arose against the backdrop of the fact that medicine in the world develops unevenly and has varying degrees of availability and quality.

Let's list the main reasons that may prompt a person to look for specialists outside home country:

1. Cost. This is a way to save on treatment.

2. Access to modern, high-tech and high-quality medicine. Some countries are known for their high standards of health care and using modern technologies and treatment methods.

3. Reduced waiting time. Some countries have long waiting lists to receive medical services․

4. Compatibility with recreation. Many patients see medical tourism as

the opportunity to combine treatment with relaxation and travel.

5. Lack of necessary services at home. In some cases, medical

procedures or specialized treatment may simply not be available at the patient's homeland.

Medical tourism has not only advantages, but also its risks, so when planning such a trip, it is important to take into account medical risks: qualifications medical professionals and other factors to make the right choice and ensure the safety and effectiveness of treatment.

Medical tourism in Armenia

Back in Soviet times, Armenia was known for its scientific base in the field of medicine.

With since then, progress has not stood still; doctors in Armenia have successfully maintained positive reputation abroad.

Armenia often becomes the choice of foreigners for receiving quality and affordable medical care in the field of dentistry and not only.

Armenia is attractive for medical tourism for several reasons

1. Quality of medical care: Armenia has highly qualified

medical specialists and modern equipment in many medical

institutions. Many doctors received education and work experience abroad.

2. Affordable prices: Cost of medical services in Armenia, including consultations

doctors, treatment and operations are often significantly lower than in many Western


3. History and culture: Armenia offers beautiful historical

attractions, rich culture and hospitality that makes it

attractive for medical tourists who want to combine treatment with

exciting trips and recreation.

4. Geographical location: Armenia is located in relative proximity to Europe

and the CIS, which is convenient for medical tourists from these regions.

5. Resorts and sanatoriums: Armenia is known for its resorts and sanatoriums with

mineral springs that can help restore health.

6. Developed dentistry. Foreigners often choose Armenia specifically to solve

dental problems, it is often more affordable and of higher quality than in your home country.

The full range of dental services is available in Armenia: orthodontics, implantation, aesthetic dentistry procedures and various types of dental surgeries.

7. Professionalism and humane, conscientious attitude towards patients.