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Plasma therapy

Plasma therapy is a unique method of stimulating tissue regeneration, which is carried out

through injections. During the procedure, the visitor's blood plasma is injected along the entire length of the required area. Thanks to which you can fight skin aging, restore skin color and achieve lifting results.

How is plasma therapy performed?

1. Plasma extraction: The doctor extracts a small amount of blood from the patient, then the blood

processed to isolate platelet-rich plasma.

2. Plasma injection: This plasma is then injected back into the patient's skin. She's rich

growth factors that can promote healing, stimulate growth

collagen and improve the overall condition of the skin.

3. Application: Plasma therapy can be used to improve skin texture,

reducing wrinkles, improving skin color and solving various dermatological


4. Places of application: Most often, plasma therapy is used in facial cosmetology, but can also be used on the scalp or other areas.

5. Duration of effect: The effect of plasma therapy can last for several months, but the procedure may need to be repeated to maintain results.

This is a relatively safe procedure as the patient's own plasma is used, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. However, before performing plasma therapy, it is important consult a doctor who will conduct a detailed consultation and evaluate suitability of this procedure in your case.


• Stimulation of regenerative processes

• Thickening of connective tissues

• Fast and long lasting results

• Minimal pain

• Short recovery period Indications

• Age-related skin changes

• Damaged hair

• Deterioration in hair thickness and quality

• Hair loss

• Skin diseases

• Seborrhea

• Acne


• Blood diseases

• Malignant neoplasms

• Acute infectious diseases

• Pregnancy and lactation

• Mental illness

Duration of the procedure: 40 minutes.
At the initial consultation, the specialist determines the number of visits depending on the complexity of the problem.