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Alexandrite hair removal

Alexandrite hair removal is one of the most effective methods. It got its name due to the use of alexandrite stone in equipment.

By the way, in our clinic the procedure is carried out using the world famous device Deka Again.

It is considered the gold standard of laser hair removal and the only one that effective for fine and light hair. Moreover, it also removes unwanted pigmentation, making the skin smooth and soft.

What happens during the procedure?

• Light energy is absorbed by melanin in the epidermis.

• Hair begins to heat up

• High temperature destroys the follicle

• Result: destruction of the hair root and cessation of hair growth

Post-procedure care

• It is not allowed to use the swimming pool or sunbathe in the solarium

• Avoid using the sauna

• Use sunscreen

• Hair removal from the roots is prohibited during the entire course.

Follow the rules for 14 days

Main contraindications

• Presence of a malignant tumor

• Photodermatitis

• Epilepsy

• Diabetes

• Tuberculosis

• Infectious diseases

• Blood diseases

• Tan

Frequency of visits: 40-60 days

Number of visits: 4-6 visits

Preparation before the alexandrite hair removal procedure includes:

Several important steps:

1. Avoid tanning: Please avoid sunburn and tanning during

several weeks before the procedure. Sunburn can increase the risk of burns and complicate

effectiveness of the procedure.

2. Presence of hair: The procedure is carried out in the presence of hair, the length of the hair should

be 1-2 mm. Hair falls out on the spot.

3. Avoid using creams and lotions: On the day of the procedure, avoid using creams, lotions, or deodorants on the area affected you plan to process.

Following these recommendations will help you be as effective and safe as possible.

carry out the Alexandrite hair removal procedure. However, before starting the procedure,

Be sure to consult with the professional performing the procedure.