About the Service



Today, the development of new technologies in medicine has made significant progress.

In the field of dentistry, modern technologies are developing every day, in particular, the use of new methods of dental treatment, improving the work process of specialists and the quality of procedures performed.

The specialists of the Kamar Dental Center use not only traditional methods of almost all dental interventions, but also use the latest and advanced technologies in their practice. That is why our clinic offers you high-quality dental treatment with microscopic examination.

This latest microscope we purchased is a professional optical instrument consisting of a lens and an eyepiece. This device is equipped with devices for illuminating an object, creating an enlarged image of it, visualizing the latter and transmitting the image of the observed object to registration and analysis systems.

Thanks to this device, the dentist can perform magnification from 3 to 20 times, which provides enormous opportunities for the most effective treatment.

In addition, the use of a dental microscope allows our specialists to make more accurate conclusions about dental treatment and apply appropriate professional decisions with the necessary accuracy.

The use of a microscope is considered especially effective for repeated endodontic treatment, dental prosthetics and a number of other interventions.